Monthly Archive: April 2018


Infinity War Forum

Since we don’t want anybody posting spoilers it can be tough to find people to talk about the movie with. The commments will contain spoilers so don’t keep reading if you haven’t seen it...


Video of the Day: The Marvel Bunch

Infinity War will certainly be the best thing you watch this week, but this could be a close second! Check out this hilarious parody of the Marvel cast singing the Brady Bunch intro song.


Krypton Episode 5 Review

Seg is trapped out in the Outlands freezing after escaping from the Black Zero compound. Doubling back to the compound Seg finds a mysterious stranger, Raika, that leads him to Cynthanite people. The Cynthanites,...


DC Details at CinemaCon

Its only Tuesday and this week is already filled with nothing but exciting comic book extravaganza’s!  Avengers Infinity War hits theatre’s April 27th, A full-length trailer of Venom has dropped, Deadpool 2 is less...


Stan Lee Accused of Sexual Misconduct

A Chicago-area masseuse has accused Stan Lee of sexual misconduct. According to a lawsuit obtained by Los Angeles ABC station KABC, Maria Carballo has accused Lee of assault, battery, violation of the Illinois Gender...


Best of the Infinity War World Premiere

Today was the world premiere of the highly anticipated, Infinity War. Here are some of the best photos along with the whole live stream for you guys to enjoy. “When you really wanna drop...


Marvel Family Casting Rumors

There may be some casting announcements coming soon from the DCEU in regards to the new “Shazam!” movie, specifically who will step into the roles of the Adult Shazam Family. In the New 52...


New Venom Trailer

According to Tom Hardy the second trailer for Venom will be released next week. He’s set to attend CinemaCon and be part of Sony’s panel. The panel is Monday night from 6:30-8:30. Since Hardy made...